Thursday, September 12, 2013

Pyramid of Stars

Planet - Victor Hugo

Alright. I'm going to interrupt our normal broadcasting to give you idea of one of the projects I'm working on. It's a Christian Sci-Fi novel, that I'm really happy with.

First there was Creation. Nine Worlds sprang out of nothing. And with them the host of heaven. Rebellion. The light of the stars became corrupted. One third of them fell. The starlight changed, and then came the creature. 

First of the Creatures were the Guardians. First they were created, and so first were they tempted. The Guardians were a Reptilian race, snakelike, tall, long armed and broad shouldered. They were pious and they were proud. They took the fruit from the tree of knowledge because they were convinced that God had allowed them. 

Second came the Monastics. Humble, calm, slothlike creatures. They fell because of curiosity. They explored the wrong possibility. 

The third race were the Inquisitors. The Inquisitors are pale, thin, grey humanoids. Above all the other races they desired knowledge and progress. Unknown to the rest of them the Inquisitors were not tempted. Unlike the others, the Inquisitors seized the fruit from the tree of knowledge as soon as they saw it. 

The Artisans were insect like humanoids, they were hard workers. They were humble. They fell because of their misplaced obedience.They failed to rebel against Satan and by doing so rebelled against God. 

Next came the Idealists. Bird like creatures, vivid plumage, with sharp beaks and talons. Their ideal was freedom. They took the fruit because of their desire to be free from God.

 Then came the Auxiliaries. They were fighters. For the longest time the two Auxiliaries fought against the fallen races. Two unfallen creatures against thousands.The largest, deadliest,most powerful and devout of the races. But eventually they too fell because they desired violence. 

And then came the seventh. The lost race. The Lords of the Stars. Hope of the seven creatures. From them comes salvation. And dominion over the galaxy. But no-one has ever heard of them. Only the devout even believe in the existence of a Redeemer, and the race of Ministers. 

Long ago the Guardians took control of the galaxy, and claimed that the prophecy referred to them. That they were the Ministers. And that their king was the Redeemer. And killed many of those who said otherwise. 

Not so long ago. The Seventh race was found.But it was found by the Inquisitors. Who kept it secret. Hoping they could use it as leverage so that they could break the Guardians Theocracy over the Galaxy. But few Inquisitors have any faith anymore. They cared little about the theological significance themselves. 

Then. Quite by accident, a Monastic somehow stumbled across the information. One who happened to still be one of the faithful. The ones who believed in the Seventh Race and the Redeemer. He came to earth covertly. For fear of the Inquisitor. He brought back with him a Missionary. 

And that's where things got really interesting....

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