Sunday, September 29, 2013

Alien Abduction

To add variety, I'm going start posting a few fiction excerpts, mostly to add variety to my writing. I really have to practice what I preach, and write some fiction. So without further ado--the completely novel concept--writing.

              The library was quiet. 
              All libraries are quiet to some extent, due to their purpose. But this one--it wasn't the quiet of people, trying to breath quietly and tread softly, it was a dead, heavy silence that seemed to poison everything it touched.  There was no gentle hum of an air conditioning system. No sound of whispers. Not even the ambient noise that most people take for granted. No, this was absolute silence. Reverend Bell couldn’t hear anything except the sound of his own breath.  Even that was muted. 
           It was like being deaf. 
           He was in a library unlike anything he had ever seen before. There were books, but they were arcane and strange, covered in esoteric languages he had never seen before. Everything else was white plastic: clean, pristine and untouched by any human hand.  It was like someone had found a way to make things out of bleach. The lights overhead shone brightly, making it hard to see. 
         “I’m deaf and blind,” Bell muttered to himself. His words echoed, though he had barely whispered.
          No-one answered. The minister was alone, in a library full of books he couldn’t read. 
         Then they walked onto the scene. Two tall, thin creatures with grey skin and almond eyes. It didn’t take a genius to figure out what they were. Bell had watched enough sci-fi movies to recognize them. Aliens. 
 There was something disconcerting about seeing something in real life.  The barrier of safety was gone, and what had been an interesting concept in the safety of his living room, was suddenly terrifying when manifested in the flesh. No television could convey the utter eeriness: their absurdly silent movement, their unblinking eyes, the odd grey color that was their skin. He might have been more prepared as a medieval peasant.
         They stood, one on either side of him. They both whispered to each other in a weird, unintelligible language. Honestly, it was hard to tell whether they were talking at all. Sometimes it just seemed like their mouths were moving. 
         Then, for some reason, they decided to speak in words that he could understand. 
         “Reverend Jonathan Lewis Bell,” said the one on the right. It's voice was cold beyond all reckoning.
His name was uttered so quietly he could barely recognize it as his. 
        “Yes?” he whispered back. It seemed obscene to reply in a normal voice. 
There was a long pause, a full minute of quiet. For one minute, he worried he had offended these strange creatures. Then the left one spoke. 
        “How does it feel….” he whispered, “To be human?”

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