Friday, July 19, 2013

V is for Vampire.

Those who are better acquainted with me know that vampires happen to be one of my favourite topics. And no... we aren't talking about the sparkly kind. Heaven forbid. But we are going to be talking about the menacing Stokereque kind. And it will be fun.

I'm going to note that there are basically two types of vampire; they're closely related but not exactly the same. One symbolizes sin itself and the other symbolizes the sinner. The difference in classification is subtle and often rather interchangeable. But wait... hold up a second... how is a vampire a symbol of sin? Isn't it just a demonic entity bent on terrorizing the living? Well no, not exactly... 

See the vampire differs from the demon, in that unlike a demon, a vampire is human. The demon is something alien, something other, while the vampire symbolizes all the worst of humanity. Especially it's sinfulness. The vampire drinks the blood of the rest of humanity and turns it into a monster like itself. As a note, they generally don't do it out of any particular malice, but simply as a matter of satisfying it's craving, and so it is with the sinner. The sinner, just like the vampire, hurts others, lusts after them, kills them, he doesn't do out of any particular malice for them, just a desire to satisfy his own needs. The vampire characterizes the underlying selfishness and lustfulness of sin, which makes him a valuable villain.

It also makes him a valuable character for a redemption story. Think of this, is the vampire is a sinner then... unlike the demon who is entirely other, the vampire can be redeemed. Think of this, Christ is the inverse of a vampire, as one who was willing to shed his blood to save people, rather then take the blood of people to satisfy himself. In that way Christ's blood can atone the vampire in just the same way it can atone the sinner. I've never seen anyone write a vampire in this way... but I would like to see someone try. 


  1. I think that would be an interesting angle on vampires, but it would be hard to do subtly enough. If it's too overt, you're just writing allegory. (Which maybe you want to do. Hmm, a modern version of Pilgrim's Progress with vampires and werewolves?)

  2. Nice post. :D I think Kite might have written a vampire story that alluded to that at might ask her. :D