Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Writer's Block.

Two Cubes (Demonstrating the Stereometric Method) - Naum Gabo

The time has come to discuss the dreaded enemy of every writer.

The Writer's Block.

Almost every writer shivers in terror when they start to think about the writer's block. It's our bane. Our Doom. Like a chopping block only less pleasant. It's that helplessly blank state of mind that makes one want to hit the keyboard in frustration, give up on writing and go see what's on Netflix. We try Coffee, sleep, jumping jacks, tearing out hair out in frustration and nothing seems to work. No matter what we do we're just.... Stuck. 

No writer likes the writer's block. We want to know how the dang heck we can overcome it. It just seems impossible. This is the post will show you how. Or at least begin to show you how. The fact is there are several kinds of writer's block, and it's important to know which kind you happen to have at the moment. I've identified exactly four kinds of Writer's Block. These are the ones I can identify at the moment. If you can think of a Block I missed let me know in the comment section. 

1: The Delirium Block

Hah! That sounds like some sort of evil magic item. However, the Delirium block may be the easiest to solve out of all writer's block. In this case, the lack of physical energy means your brain can't expend itself on writing anymore. If you have a case of the Delirium Block, the solution is simple, if perhaps not exactly easy. Get rested, eat healthy food, get to bed on time, exercise. All those things your parents told you to do. That way you can come back to your work with a clear mind. If there's a deadline and you need to get it done right now and don't have time to sleep then tea or coffee might be the way to go. 

2: The Inspiration Desert 

This is where you're in perfect health, but for some reason your mind just refuses to be inspired. Ideas don't flow. They're all dried up. This is where I would recommend the writer put down writing for a second and read a book. Preferably a book that is as close to their writing style as possible. Reading is like water for the Inspiration Desert, try reading a chapter or maybe even just a few pages. Always try to read close to the subject you are writing about. Aim for books that are like yours. 

3: The Plot Snag. 

This happens when you write a bit of writing or a plot twist or perhaps a character that doesn't go with the rest of your novel. When this happens you have to identify what went wrong and correct it. This is the block that I personally tend to face the most and also the most involved process. If your plot just feels wrong somehow, take a step back from the computer and identify where it went wrong. Then, focus on that area and try to correct it. 

4: The Anxiety Block 

And then sometimes you write and you are just confronted by a wave of anxiety that just washes away your ideas like so many little sand castles on the beach. This is the most unpleasant of all forms of writer's block because the block is deeply rooted in your emotions. This sort of block is more spiritual than the other forms of blocks, and this is where taking a pause, reading scriptures, praying and turning your mind to the Lord would be good ideas. Also, relaxing can help. Try to do things that make you feel easy. Take deep breaths. This is the block that you always hear famous writers saying 'you have to push through'. And, this is true. If anxiety is what is causing you to stop writing, then taking a break might help, but in the end you have to push through it. Fear in writing works like Fear anywhere else. You have to confront it.

Well that's all on writing blocks for today. Let me know if you have any more ideas about them. 

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